The Collison Newsletter January 2007


                             READ THE LABEL.**

                  Beware, This Product May Contain Food.   

“Roast beef with horseradish cream and salad leaves” sandwich.   Sounds good?


While traveling by air recently, my wife and I were served the above for lunch. It looked lovely, appetising and fresh. In fact it was to be kept refrigerated and eaten on the same day of service.


There was a warning that it contained wheat, sesame seeds, soy and milk.


But what was really in this delectable lunch special? The following are the ingredients as listed on the packaging. (Square brackets […….] is information supplied by myself).



Sandwich Pain de Mie:

White flour (wheat flour, vitamin (thiamin))







Improver (soy flour, emulsifier (472e))

Enzyme (Amylase)

Stabilizer (412)                         [Guar gum]

Flour treatment agent (300)       [Ascorbic Acid]

Sesame Seeds

 Roast Beef (24%)



Soy protein


Dextrose (wheat)

Food acid (325)                       [Sodium Lactate]


Vegetable gum (407)                [Carrageenan]

Maltodextrin (wheat)

Mineral salts (451, 452)            [Sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium metaphosphate]

HVP (Maize)                            [Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein – contains MSG]

Colour (150)                            [Caramel]

Vegetables                               [No further details]

Flavour enhancer (621)            [Monosodium Glutamate - MSG]

Spices                                      [Which ones?]

Vegetable oil (canola)

Wheat fibre

Cucumber (14.5%)

Tasty Cheese (9.5%)

Pasteurised milk


Rennet (non animal)

Culture                                     [No details]

Anticaking agent                       [Not listed – most likely 551 Silicon dioxide]


Horseradish cream (4.5%)

Sour cream (milk)



    Food acid (260)                   [Acetic Acid]

    Vegetable gum (415)            [Xantham Gum]

Modified starch (1422)             [Acetilased starch adipate]

Milk powder

Vegetable gum (412, 410)        [Guar gum, Locust bean gum]

Food acid (330)                       [Citric Acid]

Preservative (202)                    [Potassium sorbate]


A final warning on the label informs us that “this product was made in a faculty that also makes products containing eggs, fish, crustacea, peanuts, tree nuts and sulphates.” [suggesting the possibility of cross contamination]


Needless to say, after reading the label, we elected to resist eating what looked like a lovely luncheon treat.


In my book “How to Live to 100+ Years Free from Symptoms & Disease”, on page 26, the Ideal Diet is said to consist of foods that are

·        plant based

·        organically grown (natural composting)

·        chemically free (no pesticides, additives etc)

·        sun-ripended, freshly picked

·        unprocessed, unrefined

·        preferably raw (uncooked) where possible

  Foods should be as near to living as possible.  

** Copyright 2006: The Huntly Centre. 

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