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The HUNTLY CENTRE, founded in 1982 by Dr David Collison PhD, is devoted to education and research in Clinical Ecology. It also provides nutrition and dietary advice, and promotes positive lifestyle, health and longevity.


One of the ways that the aims and goals of the Huntly Centre have been fulfilled is through the Collison Newsletters. The first newsletter was published on this website ( in August 2005 (Longevity - Recent Research). Since then, with the publication of Bananas in January 2014, 150 newsletters have been published and remain accessible.


To make it easier to access the vast amount of health-orientated material within these newsletters, the topics covered are summarised below.


As a subscriber to The Collison Newsletters, you will continue to receive up-to-date information on health and longevity issues via the continuing publication of new newsletters, generally two each month. This topic summary will also continue to be updated.


Aug05Longevity: Recent Research
Sep05Acid / Alkaline Balance – The Ideal Diet
Nov 05Polymeal Versus polyPill
Apr 06Headaches, Migraine and Diet
Jun06Drugs – The Quick Fix. The Top 10
Aug06Supportive Counselling
Oct06If the Hunza people could Live to 100+ Years – So Can We
Nov06Green Barley Powder
Jan07Free Radicals - Antioxidants
Jan07Read the Label
Feb07Drugs – The Top 10 for 2005 - 2006
Apr07Cooked Food is poison – Why Raw is Better
May07Formaldehyde and Chemical Sensitivity
Jun07The Immune System and Immunity
Jul07Aspartame – Safe or Toxic?
Aug 07Food Additives
Sep07A Cup of Tea = A Cup of Good Health
Nov07Sunlight and Health
Dec07Positive Thinking and Your Health
Jan08Drugs – The Top 10 for 2006 – 2007
Mar08Prevention of Cancer. Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer
Jun08Health Benefits of Weight Reduction and Exercise - The Cuban Experience
Jun08Cancer – The Journey. Transforming the Whole Person
Jul08Cataracts – A Natural Approach to Prevention and Treatment
Jul08The Impact of Diet on Global Warming and Land/Water Stress
Aug 08Tea and Health Benefits
Sep08CoEnzyme Q10
Sep08Metabolic Syndrome
Oct08AutoImmune Protocol
Oct08Cruciferous Vegetables
Nov08Trans Fats
Dec08Should Faeces Sink or Float
Jan09Drugs – The top 10 for 2007 – 2008
Feb09Improving Memory with Herbs
Mar09Soy – Is It Good or Bad for You?
Mar09Foods for Health
Apr 09Raw Juice Therapy - Juice Fasting
Apr 09Olive Leaf Extract
May09Depression – Non-Pharmaceutical Treatments that Work
Jun09Lysine – Prevention and Treatment of Cold Sores and Other Conditions
Jul09Human Comparative Anatomy and Physiology
Jul09Sucralose. The Artificial Sweetener – Splenda
Aug09Tea – New Research in Breast Cancer and Oesophageal Cancer
Aug09Statins – Adverse Reactions
Sep09FBC, ESR, LFT, TSH – What Do These Mean?
Sep09Vitamin D – Heart Attacks, Cardiovascular Deaths and All-Cause Deaths
Oct09Sugar - Harmful to Health
Nov09Nails As Signs of Health Problems
Nov09Decaffeinated Coffee – Is it Caffeine Free? – Can It Affect Cholesterol Levels?
Dec 09Lycopene – A Powerful Antioxidant
Dec 09Positive Thinking for the New Decade
Jan09Smoking Statistics –and How to Quit Forever
Feb10Drugs – The Top 10 for 2008-2009
Feb10Caloric Restriction and Longevity
Mar10Figs – A Healthy Treat
Mar10Stevia. A Natural Sweetener
Apr10Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia – Lifestyle and Herbal Treatments Saw Palmetto and Pygeum
Apr10Policosanol and Cholesterol
May10Alzheimer’s Disease
May10Coconuts and Coconut Oil
Jun10Cacao -Cocoa – Chocolate
Jul10Psoriasis – A Non-Drug Approach to Management
Jul 10ORAC – A Measure of Antioxidant Capacity
Aug 10Telomeres
Sep10Chromium in Health and Disease
Sep10Chia Seeds – Health Benefits
Oct10PRAL – Potential Renal Acid Load - A Measure of the Effect of Foods on the pH of the Body
Nov10The Health Benefits of Exercise
Dec10Research – Who and What to Believe
Dec10A Healthy New Year: Good Health is No Accident
Jan11Resveratrol – Health Benefits of this Powerful Antioxidant
Jan11Preventing Cancer – Global Report Recommendations
Feb 11Arthritis
Feb11Beetroot and Beet Greens  – Nutritional and Health Benefits
Mar11Dietary Phytoestrogens and Lung Cancer Risk
Mar1110 Simple Ways to Increase Your Intelligence
Apr11Vitamin K
Apr11Flu Prevention and Treatments
May11Astaxanthim – A Superior Antioxidant
Jun11Poor Thyroid Function – Signs, Symptoms and Solutions
Jun11Honey – Health Benefits
Jul11Oxygen – The Breath of Life – How To Oxygenate your Body
Jul11Cold Sores – Herpes Simplex Infection
Aug 11Cinnamon – The Health Benefits
Sep11Allium Vegetables – Daily Vegetables for Good Health
Sep11Acne – The Role of Diet
Oct11Healthy Living and the Prevention of Chronic Disease
Oct11Gymnema Sylvestre
Nov11Osteoporosis and Milk Intake
Dec11Diet and Cancer Prevention
Dec112012 – How Healthy Will You Be?
Jan12Preventing Prostate Cancer
Jan12Chaparral Herb – Health Benefits
Feb12Colours of Fruit and Vegetables and 10-Year Incidence of Stroke
Feb 12ANDI – Aggregate Nutrient Density Index
Mar12Apple Cider Vinegar
Apr12Pantothenic Acid – Vitamin B5
May12Pottenger’s Cats
May12Depression – Natural Treatments
Jun12Colorectal Cancer – Lifestyle and Risk – Fighting Cancer with Lifestyle
Jun12Reversing Diabetes
Jul12Iodine and Health
Jul12Scintillating Scotoma or Visual Aura
Aug12Red Meat Consumption and Mortality
Aug12Colloidal Silver
Sep12What is a Standard Drink?
Sep12Vitamin D and Sunlight
Oct12Healthy Bones (Part 1) - Strontium for Bone Health
Oct12Healthy Bones (Part 2) - Boron for Better Bones
Nov12Chlorella – A Super Food
Nov12Evening Primrose Oil
Dec12Curcumin – Health Benefits
Dec12Inspirational Quotes for the New Year 2013
Jan13Drugs – the Top Two for 2011-2012
Jan13Copper and Health
Mar13Spirulina – A Super Food to Optimise Health
Mar13Dupuytren’s Contracture
Apr13Exercise – The Secret to Better Health
Apr13Erectile Dysfunction – Impotence
May13Campbell De Morgan Spots
Jun13Wilson Disease
Jun13A Vegetarian Diet – How to Ensure Nutritional Adequacy
Jul13Manganese and Health
Jul13Effects of Diet on Coronary Blood Flow – Is a High Protein Diet Healthy?
Aug13Carpel Tunnel
Sep13Brazil Nuts
Sep13Yerba Mate
Oct13Trace Elements
Oct13The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
Nov13Nori Seaweed
Nov13What is Inflammation?  Anti- Inflammatory Foods for Health
Dec13The Strongest Tree
Jan14Wilson’s Syndrome


Disclaimer: All material in the website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. Consult a health professional regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations expressed herein, with respect to your symptoms or medical condition. 


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