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                           THE  STRONGEST  TREE*  



"The strongest oak tree of the forest is not the one that is protected from the storm and hidden from the sun. It's the one that stands in the open where it is compelled to struggle for its existence against the winds and rains and the scorching sun."  - Napoleon Hill.

The Zeri Fables 

The Zeri Fables were written by Professor Doctor Gunter Pauli and include titles such as Forest Drinking Water, The Mountain Goat, Can Apples Fly, Walking on Water, Oranges from Soap ...... and The Strongest Tree.


Gunther Pauli was born in 1956 in Antwerp, Belgium. He graduated from St. Ignatius Loyola's University in Belgium (Economics, 1979), MBA (1982) and has a Doctorate in Systematic Design from Instituto Politecnico di Torino (Italy).

The Strongest Tree / El Arbor Mas Fuerte 

This is one of the 37 fables by Gunter Pauli. The Strongest Tree is a beautifully illustrated, bilingual Spanish/English children's book that uses Gunther Pauli's Zeri Education model to teach children science. In this story, a tree explains how it became the strongest in the forest, thanks to its interaction with other creatures that share its habitat, even the ones it finds distasteful. (Available from


                      THE      STRONGEST      TREE 

How can I ever be the strongest tree in the forest?

The more leaves I have, the more energy I get from the sun.

The more leaves I have, the more leaves will fall to the ground.

Ants, earthworms and mushrooms covert the leaves into new food for me.


The more food I have, the more fruit I can grow.

The more fruit, the more birds will visit me.

The more birds, the more droppings;

the more droppings, the more bacteria in the soil.


Many more soil bacteria will enrich the groundwater.

The more food in the water, the more flowers will grow;

the more flowers, the more bees.

The more bees, the more pollination, the more seeds.


With more procreation of everyone, my family and me, we are the strongest in the forest.

Everyone gives me many gifts that have been made from things that I did not need,

which would otherwise have been wasted.


All this contributes to me being the strongest - even though some are small,

some are big,

and with some I do not even know the difference between their head and their tail.


If I were to chase the earth worms away because I do not understand them,

I could never be the strongest tree in the forest.


If you give away what you do not need, you get a lot back,

and all together we can be the best.


The tree realises that everyone can help,

from the smallest to the most beautiful and perhaps even the ugliest.







(Reprinted from Resurgence Magazine, Issue 274, 2012)



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