About the Author

Dr David Collison graduated from the University of Sydney in 1960 with 1st Class Honours in Medicine. His postgraduate studies led to a specialist practice with a focus on environmental health and psychosomatic illness. He pioneered the use of Hypnotherapy and founded the Australian Society of Hypnosis in 1970. He is a past president of that Society as well as a past president of the International Society of Hypnosis. His book ‘Why Do I Feel So Awful?’ (1989, Angus and Robertson) is accepted as one of the textbooks in Clinical Ecology / Environmental Medicine. His research for this book resulted in the award of the degree Doctor of Philosophy. His book ‘How To Stop Feeling So Awful’ is a companion book to ‘Why Do I Feel So Awful?’, full of practical advise and published in 2000 (Oracle Press). He founded the Huntly Center in 1928 to provide Education and Research in Clinical Ecology, Nutrition and Dietary Advice, Positive Lifestyle and Health Promotion, and Stress Management.